6 Surprising Reasons You’re Getting Wrinkles

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The first thing you need to receive as reality is aging and with aging come wrinkles. There is nothing we can do to stop them but still there are some solutions that can slow them down a bit. Everyday life and unhealthy living sometimes cause more wrinkles.

Here follow few surprising winkle causes!!!!



Being inactive is bed not for your body but also for your skin. Studies proved that those people who work out 30 minutes twice a week have better skin composition and even healthier skin than those who are sedentary.

So, take a time off the computer, stop staring at the phone or tablet and just go for a walk or do something more relaxing.

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Overwashing Your Face

Hygiene is good but taking care too much? Be careful with overwashing your face, because you are rinsing down your faces’ natural oils and its not proteceted and hydrated. Leave the natural oils to maintain the barrier of the skin which is a protection. Do not use too hot water, it will dry your skin more.

Not Wearing Sunglasses

Always have your sunglasses with you, no matter is it sunny or not. Eyeglasses will help you to avoid wrinkles around the eyes and between the eyebrows. Therefore, sunglasses with UV filters keep harmful rays from damaging skin around the eyes. “The same goes for regular glasses – wear them.”

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Making Weird Faces

Be careful with the funny stuff when your are doing with your kids. Have in mind what our moms said once “Make funny faces long enough and your face will freeze like that”.Repetitive  facial movements can cause grooves in skin that will become deeper and more permanent as you age, so better smile and be careful with funny faces 🙂

Drinking From a Straw

Drink plenty of water, as that’s good for your face and hydration, but ditch the straws. Using a straw makes your lips to purse and this creates wrinkles. Skip the straw and drink directly from the bottle or glass.

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Smoking also causes wrinkles, especially the lip part. The repetitively motions when smoking also purse lips and cause deeper wrinkles. Smoking also affects the blood supply to the skin, to say it clearly SMOKING AGES THE SKIN QUICKER