Female Nose Hair Grooming

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Women!!! We talk about everything but when it comes to open up about nose hair, that is something that we step aside. We can talk about acne, pit hair, red bumps and other body problems but nose hair is excluded. Nose hair reminds me of my granddad πŸ™‚ We all face with nose hair problems, even the movie stars πŸ™‚

We have consulted a skin care expert and here follow some tips on nose hair maintenance:

Is there even a purpose to it?

I remember my biology teacher when she explained about nose hair πŸ™‚ Yes nose hair works as a protector, as a filter to foreign particles that enter the nose. Nose hair balances the humidity in our nasal passages. If we have less hair, we could suffer from allergies. So, do not do Brazilian to your nose πŸ™‚ just trim the one that stick out.

Best tools to use

We are all familiar with the electronic hair trimmers but still we can try the nasal scissors too.

How to do it

The best way to do the trimming is using a magnifying mirror and always use alcohol to clean the place, in this way you ensure safety and sanitary conditions.

What about tweezers?

If you enjoy pay, you can use tweezers πŸ™‚ it is safe but still very painful option.