How to Choose the Right Moisturizer When You Haven’t Got a Clue

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Is it difficult for you to choose the right moisturizer? On the market the choice is a bit broad and my article will help you decide more quickly.

We all have different skin, and this guide will narrow down to the right product for your skin, taste and budget.

How much would you like to spend

Always choose a moisturizer that is suitable to your budget. And one question is important: Do always expensive moisturizers worth it? They are maybe packed better and the texture is better. But sometimes, low budget moisturizers can help better. It is important to use something.

Identify Your Skin Type

Moisturizer will help your skin, no matter is oily skin or acne prone skin. Richer cream will help drier skins, while oily skin will need oil free formula. Fragrance free cream is suitable for sensitive skin.


Make a Decision on Antiaging

Moisturizer is moisturizer, wheter you are 20 or 70 but still Retinol will help you a bit with wrinkles and the acne scarring. Never is too late to use anti-aging products but be careful not to use it on younger skin types.

You want additional benefits

If you plan to have a moisturizer during all day choose one with high SPF that will save you from damaging and aging from the sun. You can also choose a moisturizer that can replace foundation or a suits-all formula that will replace day and night creams.

Make Your Choice: Science or Nature?

Commercials show us benefits from both combinations. But you have to decide by yourself whether you want natural ingredients or you want to embrace the science.

Trust Your Nose

Always trust your nose 🙂 If you hate the smell of something, probably you will not want to rub it on your face. So, choose a moisturizer that smells nice.

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Try Out Textures

Always try on a moisturizer on a small part of your skin, rub it good and let it sink in the skin, feel it. If you like it, then that is the right choice.

Give It a Fair Trial

You found the right texture, the right skin type cream, you like the scent, then give it a chance and buy it.

It Didn’t Work — What Now?

Start again from the top! Unfortunately,  sometimes we need more time for experimentation. You can always trust the good old brands then the new ones.

If you’re really struggling to understand your skin’s needs, consider making an appointment with a dermatologist. Though that will come at a cost, their expert recommendations could save you from buying dozens of moisturizers that aren’t right for your skin.


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