How to Effortlessly Remove Waterproof Mascara

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I love waterproof mascara but the problem is the taking off the mascara. A true waterproof mascara is the one that will not run or smudge if you are caught in the rain or just watching a romantic movie 🙂

The real problem comes when I have to take it off at night. It is not as on commercial when you swipe off with one single move with a cotton pad, it is a real struggle. Water resistant formulas a hard to remove.

I found a proper make up remover and not only easily remover my waterproof mascara at the same time it nurtures my eyelashes.

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One basic tip is to use a cooton pad soaked in make up remover and to press it on the area while our eyes are closed. Just keep the cotton pad few minutes and rest. During this time the remover will break in to the mascara and with a downward motion just remove the mascara until its all gone.

Whatever you do, don’t try to rub it off. It will strain the delicate eye area and your half-removed mascara will smudge everywhere.