The Right Way To Drink Water

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By consuming water we hydrate our body and the water makes wonders to our skin. How much water do you consume? Is there any chance of consuming too much water?

We had a conversation with a esthetician and we have learned how to get most of the H20.

MYTH: Everyone needs 8-12 oz a day

The first rule is to drink water half your bodyweight in ounces. – Wrong. How is it possible one person who weights 160 pounds to drink 80 oz, and if other person weights more it may require a much higher amount of water. The right water consumption is to buy a large bottle equal to the amount that you are custom to.

FACT: Coffee drinkers need more water to stay hydrated

For coffee drinkers here is one advise, try consuming 1 cup of water for every caffeinated beverage. Also black tea counts as daily water intake, herbal tea or a few peppermint on ice will shake a bit the boring hydration routine.

MYTH: Water drinking will expel toxins out through your skin

Does water helps us in expelling the toxins out through our skin? Not exactly. Water is good for our health and our body and skin. By consuming water we help most to the internal organs and the skin as last, so there is no chance that we expel toxins through our skin.

FACT: Drinking water is best served at room temperature

I have a habit to leave my water ‘hotten’ a bit in a glass or just in a plastic bottle. The true fact is that as the body reacts to chilly temperatures we should definetly have into consideration consuming the water at room temperature and even to add a pinch of salt to rise the mineral content for faster absorption.

MYTH: Peeing frequently is a sign of good hydration

A true myth is that if you drink a high amount of water and if you visit the toilet frequently is a sign of good hydration. The truth is that if you drink too much water it will cause dehyration of your system.

FACT: Body rehydration is a gradual process

If you have not consumed water for a long time, you have cause dehydration and if you try to hydrate in a quick way, it will just cause a shock to your body. Our organs, joints, and cartilage all need constant moisture to work properly. If you’re not drinking water regularly and absorbing it, you’re not going to get all the benefits, especially if you are over drinking. It’s about small amounts of water over a period of time.”

So hydrate frequently, and stay healthy