You Should Never Shave Your Legs Before a Pedicure

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My last time visit at the salon for a pedicure, I realized that making pedicure a day after I have shaved my legs is the nastiest thing ever. I think many of you have done that an not even think that this act can cause you infection.


The pedicure tabs can be infected by fungi, bacteria and viruses that can break through the shaved skin and cause big infection. In some cases can be caused staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria that can find its way to the blood stream and can cause bigger problems. But most of the infections that can occur, if they are treated early, they can disappear.


So be careful when you are going to the beauty salon. You can always ask about the cleanse of the equipment and if you are too embarrassed to ask just try not to shave your legs before the pedicure. Connected to this problem, when you are visiting spa avoid to enter when you are having blisters or some scratch because you can infect yourself easy. Always wait to heal your skin and later enjoy in the beauty.